Course 40506: Microsoft Cloud Workshop: Lift and Shift/Azure Resource Manager

Azure / Private cloud beheer / Office 365

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In this workshop, students will help a global publisher architect a solution to migrate their on-premises procurement system into Azure. Because of the desire to not change the existing application, this will involve moving the application and its dependencies onto Azure IaaS VMs. There are many questions and concerns the customer has, and they will look to the student to answer these and provide the end-state design and the high-level steps to get there.


Attendees will be better able to migrate and enable easy deployment for lift and shift capabilities. In addition, attendees will learn to:

  • Build and deploy complex infrastructure solutions with Azure Resource Manager templates
  • Work with Azure Automation Desired State Configuration (DSC) for deploying server configurations
  • Scale existing templatized deployments leveraging VM Scale Sets


This workshop is intended for Cloud Architects and IT professionals who have architectural expertise of infrastructure and solutions design in cloud technologies and want to learn more about Azure and Azure services as described in the ‘About this Course’ and ‘At Course Completion’ areas.  Those attending this workshop should also be experienced in other non-Microsoft cloud technologies, meet the course prerequisites, and want to cross-train on Azure.

Course OutlineModule 1: Whiteboard Design Session - Lift and shiftLessons
  • Review the customer case study
  • Design a proof of concept solution
  • Present the solution
Module 2: Hands-on Lab - Azure Resource ManagerLessons
  • Configure Automation account
  • Define the network foundation
  • Extend with Compute
  • Lock down the environment
  • Scale out the deployment
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