Certified Network Principles (CNP) E-Learning and Exam

This self-study package from Mile2 contains: Course video, e-book, e-prep Guide, Exam Simulator, 1 Year Courseware Access and 1 Year Exam Voucher.

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This self-study package from Mile2 contains: Course video, e-book, e-prep Guide, Exam Simulator, 1 Year Courseware Access and 1 Year Exam Voucher.

Welcome to the first and last course you will ever need to understand networking from a vendor neutral view point! Ok, maybe it is not the last one you need but it definitely is the first!

This fun and fast paced course will prepare you for an exciting role in IT networking management. It provides the concepts and skills needed to plan, install, maintain, and troubleshoot today's networks, including wireless, virtual, and software defined networks!
This is just a short list of everything that we cover within this course, which will include new technologies like virtual networks and SDN networks found in many cloud architectures.

This course is going to cover the physical components, TCP/IP Stack, OSI Model, switches, routers, wireless, Bluetooth, and securing the entire network! We will finish up with the knowledge needed to perform within the day to day operations of an organization.

This course is intended to prepare you to be a benefit to any company that is in need of a network expert! With this certification, you will be marketable to any company, anywhere in the globe!


Anyone who is or will be working in IT.


Upon completion, the Certified Network Principles candidate will be able to competently take the C)NP exam as well as the CompTIA Network+ exam. The candidate will also understand the principle security knowledge to keep companies' IP network infrastructure secure.


Onderstaande voorkennis is vereist:

Certified Hardware Technician Certification or equivalent knowledge. Certified Operating System Technician Certification or equivalent knowledge.


Module 1 – Introduction to Network Fundamentals

  • Section 1: Networking concepts.
  • Section 2: Classifying networks.
  • Section 3: Network models.
  • Section 4: The troubleshooting process.

Module 2 – The Physical Networking Fundamentals

  • Section 1: Connection technologies.
  • Section 2: Network devices.
  • Section 3: Copper media.
  • Section 4: Optical media.
  • Section 5: Ethernet standards.

Module 3 – TCP/IP Primer

  • Section 1: IP addressing.
  • Section 2: Core protocols.
  • Section 3: Network ports and applications.

Module 4 – Connecting Networks with Switches and Routers

  • Section 1: Switching.
  • Section 2: Routing.

Module 5 – Wireless Networking

  • Section 1: Wireless networks.
  • Section 2: Wireless LAN standards.
  • Section 3: Internet connections.
  • Section 4: WAN infrastructure.

Module 6 – Security Principles

  • Section 1: Goals and threats.
  • Section 2: Digital security.
  • Section 3: Transport encryption.

Module 7 – Defending the Network

  • Section 1: Network security components.
  • Section 2: Network authentication systems.
  • Section 3: Hardening networks.

Module 8 – Network Technology Boom

  • Section 1: Network convergence.
  • Section 2: Virtual and cloud systems.

Module 9 – Day to Day Networking

  • Section 1: Monitoring and optimization.
  • Section 2: Fault tolerance and disaster recovery.
  • Section 3: Incident response.

Module 10 – Network Planning

  • Section 1: Network policy design.
  • Section 2: Network installation.
  • Section 3: Maintenance and upgrades.