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Certified Penetration testing Engineer (CPTE) (Mile2 Security)

Certified Penetration Testing Engineer 5 day course.  Graduates of this course will obtain real world cyber security knowledge that will enable them to recognize vulnerabilities, exploit system weaknesses and help safeguard against threats. Graduates will learn the art of Ethical Hacking, but with a professional edge (Penetration Testing).

Registration in this 5 day class includes the Ultimate self study combo with the Course Kit, the Cyber range access during class, and a Mile2 Exam voucher. 

The vendor neutralCertified Penetration Testing Engineercertification courseis built firmly upon proven, hands-on, Penetration Testing methodologies utilized by our international group of Penetration Testing consultants. The C)PTE presents information based on the 5 Key Elements of Pen Testing; InformationGathering, Scanning, Enumeration, Exploitation and Reporting. The latest vulnerabilities will be discovered using these tried and true techniques.This course also enhances the business skills needed to identify protection opportunities, justify testing activities and optimize security controls to reduce riskassociated to working with the internet. The student will be using the latest tools, such as Saint, Metasploitthrough Kali Linuxand Microsoft PowerShell. Mile2 goes far beyond simply teaching you to “Hack”. The C)PTE was developed around principles and behaviors used to combatmalicious hackers and focuseson professional penetration testing rather than “ethical hacking”.Besides utilizing ethical hacking methodologies, the student should be prepared to learn penetration testing methodologies using advanced persistent threat techniques. In this course, you will go through a complete penetration test from A-Z! You’ll learn to create your own assessment report and apply your knowledge immediately in the work force. With this in mind, the CPTE certification course is a complete up-grade to the EC-Council CEH! The C)PTE exam is taken any time/anywhere on-line through mile2’s MACS system, making the exam experience easy and mobile. Student does not need to take the C)PTE course to attempt the C)PTE exam.

Wat leer je?

Upon completion, Certified Penetration Testing Engineer students will be able to establish industry acceptable auditing standards with current best practices and policies. Students will also be prepared to competently take the C)PTE exam.

Welke voorkennis heb je nodig?

– A minimum of 12 months’ experience in networking technologies

– Sound knowledge of TCP/IP

– Knowledge of Microsoft packages

– Network+, Microsoft, Security+

– Basic Knowledge of Linux is essential

Certified Penetration testing Engineer (CPTE) (Mile2 Security)

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27 september 2021


Startel (Drachten)

5 dagen


Certified Penetration testing Engineer (CPTE) (Mile2 Security)_2021-09-27(Klassikaal)

Wij proberen je aanvraag binnen 2 werkdagen te verwerken. Telefoonnummer is niet direct nodig, maar handig als we nog vragen hebben.




1 jaar


Certified Penetration Tester Engineer (CPTE) Mile2 Self-Study_(E-Learning)

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In company

Certified Penetration testing Engineer (CPTE) (Mile2 Security)_(In company)

Wij proberen je aanvraag binnen 2 werkdagen te verwerken. Telefoonnummer is niet direct nodig, maar handig als we nog vragen hebben.

Waarom Startel?

op maat
Klassikaal en e-learning

Het programma

Course Outline

  • Module 0 – Course Introduction
  • Module 1  – Business & Technical Logistics of Pen Testing 
  • Module 2 – Information Gathering Reconnaissance – Passive (External Only)
  • Module 3 –  Detecting Live Systems – Reconnaissance (Active)
  • Module 4 –  Banner Grabbing and Enumeration
  • Module 5 –  Automated Vulnerability Assessment
  • Module 6 – Hacking Operating Systems
  • Module 7 – Advanced Assessment and Exploitation Techniques
  • Module 8 – Evasion Techniques
  • Module 9 –  Hacking with PowerShell
  • Module 10 –  Networks and Sniffing
  • Module 11 –  Accessing and Hacking Web Techniques
  • Module 12 – Mobile and IoT Hacking
  • Module 13 –  Report Writing Basics
  • Appendix: Linux Fundamentals

Lab Outline

  • Lab 1 – Introduction to Pen Testing Setup
  • Lab 2 – Linux Fundamentals
  • Lab 3 – Using Tools For Reporting
  • Lab 4 – Information Gathering
  • Lab 5 – Detecting Live Systems – Scanning Techniques
  • Lab 6 – Enumeration
  • Lab 7 – Vulnerability Assessments
  • Lab 8 – Software Goes Undercover
  • Lab 9 – System Hacking – Windows
  • Lab 10 – System Hacking – Linux/Unix Hacking 
  • Lab 11 – Advanced Vulnerability and Exploitation Techniques
  • Lab 12 – Network Sniffing/IDS
  • Lab 13 – Attacking Databases
  • Lab 14 – Attacking Web Applications


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